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1770 Paz M. Guazon St.
Paco, Manila 1007 Philippines
Landline: (02) 564-1811 to 20
Fax: (02) 564-0436
(02) 338-5933
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For the special treatment you deserve

Only with materials of the highest standards, Toyota Otis was built with "wholistic transparency" in mind:

Transparency and openness in our business transactions, and physical transparency that leaves our customers in awe.

A 9.5-meter high glass facade - the tallest in the country - was specifically designed to adhere to the dealer's "transparent" concept. The magnificent structure reveals itself to you even from the outside.

From its total land area of 3,850 sq. meters, the architects and engineers were able to generate 11,171 sq. meters of floor area with a multi-level arrangement. These different levels of impressive architecture are easily visible from the street.

State-of-the art elevators were installed to ensure the smooth flow of units to and from the first and third floors, allowing personnel to more efficiently concentrate on your automobiles. Aside from the elevators, a paint booth flown in from France offers advanced innovations for your car, as well as other equipment like the user-friendly pentagraph lifters which happen to speed up the process servicing each car.

The breathtaking showroom boasts of a partially suspended floor area that can hold seven units all at the same time. This means more visibility for customers to make better choices. Another impressive area in the TOT dealership is the Toyota Otis' Service and Parts Division - a three-storey working area wherein highly skilled technicians expertly handle the servicing of vehicles.

Not only does Toyota Otis look architecturally astounding, it also upholds functionality of the highest standards for its customers' total satisfaction - reflecting beauty, brawns and bold automotive excellence inside and out.

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