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Our Corporate Philosophy



To its Customers


TOYOTA OTIS can hardly be described better…

TOYOTA OTIS draws its strength from, and bases all its actions and decisions on, the 7 Core Values of DRIVEN, LOYALTY, HONESTY, PROFESSIONALISM AND INTEGRITY, RECOGNITION AND RESPECT, TEAMWORK AND UNITY, and COMMUNICATION.


It hires the best people to attain its goals. It is our belief that the organization can only succeed if it taps good people who are meant to do well. With a TOP-RATE TEAM composed of the best people who are trained to do what is right, we foresee the consistent achievement of our constant goals to give the valued customer an unforgettable satisfying experience and to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship between them.


TOYOTA OTIS provides opportunities and fora where customers can appreciate the product’s features, understand their value and benefits, and be given the assurance of consistent, OPTIMUM SERVICE all the time. In this respect, we boast of innovative technology, unrivalled maintenance and customized solutions.


We at TOYOTA OTIS likewise pledge to maintain TRANSPARENCY in all aspects of our business. In fact, TOYOTA OTIS was built with transparency in mind. A glass façade which is 9.5 meters high – the tallest in the country – was specifically designed to adhere to the dealership’s transparent concept. This magnificent structure reveals itself to you even from the outside exemplifying our priority to provide open, personalized and honest service to our customers and to their vehicles, taking care of them in the best way possible.