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Wheel Alignment Service

For the smoothest trip.

With the high prices of tires and current road conditions, vehicle owners should pay attention to wheel alignment
and tire balancing to ensure safety and to prolong the life of their tires.

Toyota Otis helps you safeguard this concern by installing the most advanced Beissbarth Wheel Aligner, Tire Balancer and Tire Changer at its FAB Section. Even at the smallest decimal millimeter difference, our German equipment is designed to perfect the alignment and balancing details to ensure value for your money and to give you only top adjustment results.

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Thank you very much for choosing Toyota Otis to service your unit. As a sign of our appreciation and gratitude, we are giving you discount package services to keep your maintenance costs at bay while staying satisfied with your car’s performance.

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    General Job Coupon - Less 10% off on labor for all General Job services. Single usage and to be used within 1 month from printing date.Wheel Alignment, Tire Balancing, Tire Change Coupon - Less 10% on labor for wheel alignment, tire change, and tire balance. Coupon is for 1 time use and to be availed within a week from printingRust Protection Coupon - Less 20% on Full Rust Protection and Undercoating. The offer also covers annual re-spraying service. Single usage and to be used within 1 year from printing date.