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The Service Appointment System

 Toyota Otis ensures on-time, on-call, hands-on services from us to you.

Busy? No time to wait for your car to be serviced? Toyota Otis has the answer: The Service Appointment System.

  1.  Call the Service Department of Toyota Otis and ask for our Appointment Coordinators Ms. Jenn Pasia, Ms. Grace Pallarca or Ms.  Genera David  at 8564-1811 loc. 400, or 0917-5722-437, 0936-7372-691 or 0965-0861-153.

Periodic Maintenance Services as early as 6:00am from Mondays to Saturday.

  1. The following details will be asked from you. It is advisable to have these ready for a more speedy processing of your appointment:
  • Name of customer/ company
  • Scope of work to be done
  • Preferred date & time of service
  • Registered owner of vehicle for service
  • Model & Plate Number of vehicle
  • Contact telephone number

    Client Info:

    Contact me via:


    Tell us about the vehicle to be serviced:

    Service Request

    Periodic Maintenance ServiceGeneral Job Service (i.e. Tune up, change oil, general repair)Body and Paint ServiceInsurance Claim ServiceWheel Alignment, Tire Balancing, Tire Change ServiceRust Protection ServiceBrake Refacing ServiceDetailing Service